Your central heating system needs clean
water flowing through it to work efficiently
and to minimise fuel wastage. However, over
time sludge can build up, creating blockages
which force the boiler and pump to work

This could waste energy and could mean you are paying
more to heat your home than you should.
removes the sludge and debris in the
system, reducing the risk of your boiler breaking down
as well as improving your homes overall
energy efficiency. Powerflush covering ayrshire. Visit or call our
Boiler Showroom

Your worries start when you notice one or more of following:

Radiator cold at the bottom
Caused by black sludgy build up at the bottom of your radiators.
Radiator cold at the top
Caused by trapped gas at the top of your radiators.
No circulation
No circulation through the pipe and your boiler cutting out-due to a locked pump.
No hot water
Due to clogged pipes.
Radiators become cold
Radiators become cold all over due to blocked valves and pipes into radiators.
Noises and warning symbols
Limescale and gunk build up, causing noises and warning symbols to appear = imminent costly issues.

If you experience any of the listed above, leaving it may cost you hundreds of pounds!


Why is PowerFlush is right for you?
Your central heating system contains different metals and water which means corrosion can occur. PowerFlush helps prevent this damage and increases the efficiency and longevity of your system.

What’s involved in a PowerFlush?
Your Gas On engineer will drain your system and connect the powerflush machine. The boiler, pipes and radiators are then flushed with a cleaning chemical. The engineer will also add a corrosion inhibitor to prevent corrosion occurring which can lead to radiator cold spots, pump failure and damage to your boiler system.

How long does it take?
The process takes between 2 and 4 hours depending on how many radiators you have.

Is PowerFlush bad for the environment?
No. Our cleaning fluids are low in toxins and biodegradable. Any waste produced is eco-friendly and will not harm the environment. Also, independent tests have shown that the process ensures that your boiler works efficiently over a longer period of time therefore, carbon emissions are reduced.